ISSN: 2074-8132
ISSN: 2074-8132
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For authors

For authors

  1. Submission, reviewing, editing and publication of articles in the Lomonosov Journal of Anthropology is free of any charge (APCs).

  2. The journal does not work with any types of advertisement as well.

  3. Based on the original research, the authors should present reliable results of the work done and an objective discussion of the significance of the study. The manuscript should contain all the key data, an accurate description of the methods and results of the study, all the necessary references to ensure reproducibility of the results. Falsification of data or deliberately incorrect statements in the manuscript are considered unethical and unacceptable.

  4. In addition to the manuscript, the editorial board may request from the authors copies of ethical protocols and/or other documents confirming the correct implementation of ethical rules.

  5. Authors are obliged to send only original works to the editorial office. When mentioning the works of other authors, it is necessary to observe accuracy when quoting and specifying the source. Publications that had a significant impact on the preparation of the study or determined its format should also be mentioned.

  6. Sending a manuscript to more than one journal is considered unethical and unacceptable. Copyrighted materials already published earlier can not be sent to the journal for publication. In addition, the materials under consideration by the editorial board of the journal can not be sent to another journal for publication as an author's article. When submitting an article, the author must inform the editor about all previous submissions of the work, which can be considered as a duplicate or double publication. The author should warn the editor if the manuscript contains information published by the author in previous messages or submitted for another publication. In such cases, the new article should contain references to the previous material.

  7. The list of authors is limited to persons who have made a significant contribution to

    1. the concept and design of the study, the receiving and interpretation of data;

    2. the preparation of the first version of the article or its revision aimed at improving quality;

    3. the final approval of the print version.

  8. Each author must participate in the work sufficiently to be publicly responsible for the relevant part of the content of the article.

  9. Participation consisting only in providing funding or selecting material for an article does not justify inclusion in the author's group.

  10. The general management of the research team is also not considered sufficient for authorship.